All You Need To Know About National Geographic Kids 

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All You Need To Know About National Geographic Kids

A children’s magazine that is published by the National Geographic Society is known as National Geographic Kids. The first issue was published in this magazine in September 1975. Lots of issues were published in this magazine until 2002 for 26 years. After 2002, its name was changed and now, it is known as National Geographic Kids. Nowadays, the main aspect of this magazine is to provide a list of geographic issues for the kids. The main headquarter of this magazine is in Washington. The most essential aspect of this magazine is that it publishes ten issues annually. Here, we will discuss all the things that you should need to know about National Geographic Kids.


When you visit this website, first of all, you will see lots of games. These games are for the kids. These games are also kept into different categories. The first category is for quiz games. By playing these games, it will be possible for the students to check their knowledge about different things. Moreover, these games are also providing a chance to the kids to enhance their knowledge about different things. Some essential quiz games on this magazine website are given below;

  • Sharks
  • Mars
  • Moon
  • Halloween
  • Cats
  • Big ideas quiz
  • Awesome quiz
  • Super quiz
  • Save earth quiz
  • Tech trek quiz

After the general quiz games, this magazine website is also providing personality quiz games for the kids. By playing these personality quiz games, it is also possible for the kids to get an idea about their personality as well as the personality of some other things. Some essential kinds of personality quiz on this website are given below;

  • Genius personality quiz
  • Shark personality quiz
  • Ice cream personality quiz
  • Superpower personality quiz
  • Animal pattern personality quiz
  • Explore personality quiz
  • Planets personality quiz
  • Dinosaur personality quiz
  • Time period personality quiz
  • Historical civilization personality quiz

The third kind of games for the kids is about actions and adventures. In these games, there come Zeus the Mighty, Dolphin Driving, Crack the Code and Recycle roundup etc. The last category of games for the children is funny fill-ins. This category is helpful for the children to get an idea about dreaming green, spray and wash and power plant etc.


After the games, there come videos. Like games, these videos are also divided into different categories. The first category is known as amazing facts. When you click on this category, you will see lots of videos about animal facts, funny animals, animal shows and animal vets. In the second category of the videos, you can see weird but true videos. In this category, you can see lots of videos about exploration, fun facts and science etc. The last category is known as party animals. In this category, they try to show us what will happen when some animals are caught on camera by doing wacky activities.


After the videos, there come animals. Here, they have also categorized animals into different sections. First of all, they have kept mammals (those animals who feed their young ones milk), birds (those animals who have feathers), prehistoric animals (facts about dinosaurs), reptiles (those animals who have dry skin covered with scales or bony plates), amphibians (those animals who live part is both in water and on land), invertebrates (those animals which don’t have backbones) and fish (animals that live in the water). After categorizing the animals in these sections, they have also explained their different facts.


The last category on this website is known as explore. In this category, they have also categorized different things into different sections. The first section is about the traditions of the native Americas. In the second category, they have taught the children how they can save our earth from the harmful impacts of plastic. In the third section, they have provided enough information about different states of America. In the fourth section, they have shared some weird but true facts. In the fifth section, they have kept lots of books for the kids. In the seventh section, they have shared lots of scientific experiments with the kids. In the 8th section, they have explained different missions of humans for the exploration of different planets. In the last section, they have set an explorer academy for the kids.

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