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Can AI Help You In Writing And Getting Peer Reviews?

Nowadays, the global world is changing at a rapid pace. We are introducing new technologies that are changing the course of human life. These technologies are making human lives easy too. There are a lot of new technologies that we’re using, and one of them is that of artificial intelligence (AI). It is the usage of machines for tasks that require human efforts. Writing is one of the most important aspects of academic life. You might think that only humans can write, and publish content, but it is not like that. Nowadays, AI is helping in writing, and getting peer reviews. It will consider using different software that will help in the writing of content. Apart from this, it will help in getting peer reviews. It will also edit, and proofread the written documents. It will ensure that the written document has no grammatical, or spelling mistakes either.

It is important to note that AI will consider the natural language process in writing. This way, it will ensure the continuity of ideas in writing too. This article aims to discuss the prospect of AI in writing. It will also discuss how it can help you in getting peer reviews. So let’s discuss these aspects in detail;

What is AI Writing?

As mentioned earlier, technology is changing the course of human life. In every walk of life, we are using technology. It is not only helping us save time, but also enables us to perform our tasks in the best way possible. AI technology will use different tools and software in the writing process. These tools and software use AI-based machine learning while writing content. Over the years, there has been an advancement in such tools. At the same time, writers are afraid that AI might take over their jobs. But it is too early to predict such a big development. One thing is obvious that you can use AI technology for writing, and peer reviews in the future.

How Does It Work?

AI writing technology works in a simple, and easy way. When you’re using AI writing tools and software, you have to feed topics and keywords. After that, they will collect data from millions of sources for writing content. It already understands the grammatical, and writing rules. It also knows punctuation, and sentence structuring rules. Later on, it will work on your command, and produce relevant content. There are several AI-based tools and software such as Wordsmith, AI Writer, and Quill Bot. These tools will help you in writing, and getting peer reviews as well.

What is a Peer Review?

You might be thinking of publishing your research, so you’ll also be needing peer reviews in this regard. Peer review is a scientific evaluation of your research work. This is where working professionals in your research field will review your work for publication. The prime purpose of peer reviews is to check the credibility, and authenticity of your work. It helps the researchers maintain research integrity as well. They will ensure it after rolling out the invalid, and least credible research.

Does AI Help in Getting Peer Reviews:

This is one of the most important aspects of AI technology. You might find it difficult to get peer reviews for your research. And by the time you find it, the professionals might not like your content. It is also possible that your research work could get rejected in the reviewing process. You might face biasness in the reviewing process too. But AI technology will help you in the reviewing process. It will make sure to check the authenticity of your work without any biasness. So yes, AI technology can help you in securing peer reviews for your research.

How Does It Work?

AI technology based peer review process has different components. As mentioned earlier, the prime purpose in this context is to maintain quality. Hence it will work in two different stages that are as follows;

  • Pre-peer Review
  • Peer Review

In pre-peer review, it will check several different aspects of your research. It will check the plagiarism and formatting of your research as well. It will also check the language, and expression of your content. In peer review, it will check the uniqueness, and significance of your research. Apart from this, it will check the quality of arguments, and the language of your content. After ensuring all this, it will peer-review your work. Best dissertation services have also published a study in this regard. It stated that it can help you get AI-based peer reviews for your work.


This article discussed how AI can help you in writing. It also discussed how it helps you get peer reviews. It will use AI-based tools for writing content, and in getting peer reviews.

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