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How to Make Your Writing Simple, Easy and Understandable?

Simple writing is easier said than done because when we get down to typing, we want to use the best of words that demonstrate our vocabulary, knowledge, and skills. However, we end up using some really big and tough words that often fail to touch-base with the common man. Reading simple and easy-to-understand content might be easy for readers, but it sometimes becomes very tough for the writer as he or she is under the impression that the bigger and more powerful words they will use, the more appreciation they will get. According to dissertation writing services, it is essential to understand what simple writing means. Simple does not, in any way, mean dumb or silly, and as a writer, you do not need to talk down to the readers, thinking they are unable to understand as this is downright disrespectful and even offensive.

You can come up with the smartest and most meaningful content by using simple words that are easy to understand and strike a chord with the reader. If the readers have to work out hard to know what you are trying to say, it will distract them from the message, and you will lose out in the end. It is essential to realize that simple writing can communicate even the most complex ideas most efficiently, so it is time to start making your content simple and easy to understand for increased readership and enhanced reader engagement. This article will help to make your writing simple and easy to understand so you can better communicate your thoughts and ideas to the readers and enjoy the fruits of your endeavors.

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Write As You Speak:

To make your writing appealing and a hit among the readers, adopt a style that shows the real you instead of a cool, composed, and calm writer who is lecturing the readers. Make your content sound like you are talking to the reader that shows who you are and what you are trying to say. It will connect the readers with you, and they will keep on reading without even realizing it. The use of casual language, colloquial expressions, personal anecdotes makes your content more human and relatable. It will help you win more readership as people like when you write as you speak, and do wonders for you as a writer.

Use Examples And Pictures:

The use of examples and pictures is a great way to clear up a point and make things most comprehendible for readers. Showing someone is often better than telling them, plus people like pictures more, and they are more likely to take an interest in what you are saying.

Keep The Paragraphs Short:

Your paragraphs should not be longer than a few lines; using six lines for the paragraph is enough to keep up the readers’ interest and give their brain enough time to digest what you are trying to say and understand it well. Paragraph breaks are just like a period, but they are better. They tell readers where one idea is ending and where the new one begins. Between these ideas, the brain gets some relief time and a chance to process the information and get ready for what is coming next. It might just take a second or two, but having short paragraphs can make your content easy and simple. Also, the eyes move faster across a length of text than the brain can process it, and paragraph breaks are a great way to break up the eye movement and help the brain with little pauses.

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Ask Someone Else To Read It:

If you are struggling with the need to keep it simple, seek help and ask a friend or a family member to go through the content and tell you what to do with it to make it easy. Ask them to ruthlessly edit your writing and point out where the content seems to be getting complicated or clear up where they feel it is too vague.

Provide Answers To The Questions:

This method of asking questions and providing answers to conclude is the best because it gives you a chance to organize your thoughts and, also makes it easy for the readers to understand. Come up with questions related to what your writing is dealing with and provide relevant, to the point answers to these questions, and you will be able to do a good job of keeping things simple and clear. Go through what you have written again, and again, and try to eliminate unnecessary or fluff words that take space but do not deliver any meaning. Keep yourself in the readers’ place and see how interesting you find the content, and you will be able to make your writing simple and easy to understand.

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