Writing a Summary

Some Key Points to Know When Writing a Summary

Writing summary is an important part of education and in nearly all the subject studies, the students are asked by teachers to write the summary of the important points as they show how well the students have absorbed the subject and its key points and how well they can reproduce it.


Summary means a concise but a comprehensive outline of what the students have studied. While it should be in a brief form, yet it should cover all the main points while remaining to the point and simple. To write a perfect summary with help of dissertation writing services, it is necessary for it to satisfy the readers and provide them the most important points regarding any subject or topic. A well-written summary contains the following characteristics:


It Must be Properly Cited: It is important for the summary to contain the title of the topic for which it is being written along with the author’s name, course and the date of publication so that the readers do not face any problems when they want to look up the original source.


A Proper Thesis Statement: Covering the overall thesis of the text should be the author’s central theme. There are several aspects to writing an effective thesis statement; the topic or general subject matter, and the writer’s major statement. It becomes important to summarize the central theme clearly and accurately in a one sentence and it should be stated at the beginning of the summary.


It Should Support Ideas: It is important for the writer to support the claims being made in the thesis statement in the summary to make it more authentic and genuine to get the best academic excellence in class.


The Ideas Should be Linked Together: It is important for the summary to cover all of the writer’s major supporting ideas and also show the relationships among these ideas. However, illustrations, descriptions, and detailed explanations should be avoided as it is a summary and not the detailed explanation. When writing a summary, the writer should avoid all personal opinions, ideas, and inferences because the summary is not about personal thoughts but it only reports the author’s ideas whose work is being summarized.


It is also important for the students to make sure that summary is written in proper grammar as it helps to communicate the right ideas to the readers. The students need to restate the ideas to write best dissertation in their own words as much as possible and avoid direct quotations as they only lengthen the summary and it becomes too much for the readers to comprehend.


Use of transitional words for a smooth and logical flow of ideas is also very important as it helps the students to maintain their flow of words without unnecessary pauses and obtain good grades in the result. The students must understand what a summary is and then work accordingly to achieve the best results and focus on the central idea of the topic or subject to come up with a summary that is complete and whole and manages to convey the entire idea to the readers in a compact form.

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