Tools to Conduct Primary Research

5 Free Tools That Can Help to Conduct Primary Research

Primary research is the type of research when the researcher is required to collect data that is related to the research topic or subject. When conducting primary research, the researcher will have to collect the relevant data at that time instead of seeking other sources of information or look forward to data that already exists related to the research.

The main aim of primary research is to help the researchers gather context-specific data that revolves around a particular topic or subject. This type of research gives researchers a chance to gather firsthand information that is most current, valid, and authentic in any given research environment. Whether it is students who are researching to work on their research papers and assignments or it is someone expert of a dissertation writing service looking for information, the basic idea behind primary research remains the same, and the researcher must follow the given standards to collect information for any given project.

The good thing about primary research is that the researcher has complete control over the data that has been collected because he or she owns it. This data is very useful when it is collected for customized needs such as a student collecting data regarding a particular topic or subject or a company that wants to collect information regarding its product or service.  Also known as field research, primary data involves hands-on experience with the data collecting process that gives researchers added benefit as they know how transparent and effective the research is. The collection of primary data with the help of the right tools is very important; this article discusses the top 5 tools that are not only free of cost but also help students collect the most authentic data.


This the most commonly used as well as the most reliable tool that can be used for collecting data on any topic or subject. Interviews can be carried out either on a one-on-one basis or in a small group in question and answer session. The interview provides the researcher with a lot of information from people belonging to different walks of life and is very useful when researchers require expert opinion or knowledge on any given subject. The researcher must keep in mind the number of respondents, research objectives, time frame for the research as well as other factors including various tools for collecting data such as audio or video recorders.

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A survey is a form of questioning that is more formal than interviews and involves large groups of people. Survey works best when interviewing so many people at one time is not possible, and the researcher can obtain a limited amount of information from many people, to get an idea of what the larger population thinks about a particular subject or idea.


This is the most effective and unbiased form of collecting primary data and helps the researcher to see what the people might not be willing to tell when they talk to them. Observation is all about taking notes about what is happening around; it helps the researcher collect information and insight about specific people, events, location and is very useful when the researchers want to learn more about any person, event or location without getting any business involved that might be present in an interview. The researcher can gather information by observing the features and behaviors of the subjects in line with the research context.

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The analysis is all about collecting data and arranging it according to some criteria. Researchers need to understand that analysis works best when they are looking forward to some trend or pattern when some essential information is required. With data analysis, the researcher can select the most important details that provide useful insights during the research process.

Online Data Collection:

When it comes to primary research tools, online data collection is also an important tool. The researchers can conduct research online either by talking to the subjects online individually, in a group, or observing them in any unbiased environment.  With technological advancement and development, online data collection has become a very popular way as researchers prefer to get connected with their subjects most conveniently. It is important to understand that primary research has proved to be the most effective means of research for all types of investigations and studies that are carried out in clinical as well as non-clinical conditions. With the best as well as free tools that can help to conduct primary research, researchers work on their projects can look forward to getting the most practical and unbiased results without facing any problem or interruption in their projects.

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