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Top Resources to Get Coding Skills for Programming Assignments

Coding skills have become more than just a hobby now and people these days learn to code to step into this field professional and earn a handsome salary with their skills and talent. While in the past students had to join institutes where coding was taught, technology has brought coding right into your living room and bedroom. You can now learn to code online and become as proficient as someone who has been to a tutor and learned it. Gone are the days when coding career was reserved for just a few, everyone has access to it now and you do not even have to pay hefty fees for learning to code.

Learning how to code can help to better manage your websites, reduce your reliance on the outside developer to work on your project and it also gives you the freedom to building apps, websites and work on your programming assignments or even other projects most conveniently, just the way you want. Whether you choose to start your career as a programmer or you want to build websites and apps just for fun, here is the best opportunity for you as there are some of the best resources that offer coding skills for the enthusiast. The internet has a wide range of online courses and programs that help you learn a new language without going anywhere. Listed here are some of the best and most top-rated online resources by an assignment writing services firm that will help to make a transition in the world of coding most easily.


This resource offers several free courses from programming to game development for people who want to enter this field and make their mark by doing something good. There are standard online courses as well as gamified courses that add achievements and interaction to the learning process; all the enthusiasts have to do is to choose their language and start with the coding session. The most popular programming languages covered here include HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, SQL, and Query. At BitDegree, you also have a chance to do something new by incorporating blockchain into the learning process. Blockchains are transparent awards and achievement systems that allow businesses to hire tech talent and measure their core success.

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This online resource offers coding-based courses, tutorials as well as other material that is taught by professors who teach at leading universities. There is the best selection of hundreds of coding-related courses for the learners and they can choose the one according to their needs and requirements. Coursera has sought services from some of the most experienced and skilled teachers at most top rated universities which provide students the fortune to learn coding from the best professionals in the industry. All the courses are free of cost but the students have to pay if they want a certificate. The available courses include Python, Java, HTML and CSS, IoT programming, C language as well as Introduction to programming.

Code Academy:

This is one of the most popular resources where people come to learn to code for free. Till now, more than 24 million people have sought this platform to learn to code. The available courses range from introductory programs to more advanced languages. With the help of the interactive learning approach, the students have a chance to put their learning to test and see what they can do. With more than 300 million hours of free coding content, Code Academy is perhaps the best place for learners to start their coding careers. Code Academy offers courses in HTML, JavaScript, CSS, jQuery, PHP, Python, and Ruby along with numerous other languages.

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This is a huge open-source higher education learning platform with more than 5 million registered students. There are numerous categories here that cater to different programs but for those coming here for coding, there are languages and tutorials in languages and skills including HTML and CSS, Java, jQuery, C++, C#, Python, SQL as well as Mobile app development. This resource also has paid programs and courses but the good thing is that there is more than enough free material that guide learners regarding the basics and the students do not need to pay anything to learn the beginning of coding.

Coding is all technical and requires proper knowledge and expertise for learners to become a pro in this field. With help of online resources that offer free course material and programs, it has become very easy for students to access the platform of their choice to acquire a wealth of coding-related knowledge and skills and make their place in this field.

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