Is Autism a Disease or a Development Idiosyncrasy?

Autism is also known as an autism spectrum disorder. It is a complex neurobehavioral condition. It includes many impairments of social interaction. It includes a large spectrum of symptoms. The children who are facing autism in their young age can face lots of communication problems. There are some students who also repeat their body movements due to autism. They also show some unusual responses to the people. It is also hard for them to get help from others due to autism. Mostly, the symptoms of autism appear during the first three years after the birth of a child. Therefore, we can say that autism is a development idiosyncrasy.
Symptoms of autism

The symptoms of autism are different in different people. The symptoms of autism can be very mild or severe. Some essential symptoms of autism are explained below;

  • If you call your child with his first name, he will not respond to it.
  • Your child will not show interest in some interesting activities like playing and sharing views with other people.
  • Your child will also try to isolate himself from all the family members.
  • He will not be able to maintain eye contact with other people.
  • In some awkward situations, he will lose his comfort zone.
  • He will delay some essential language skills.
  • His voice will be flat and robotic.
  • He will also face lots of problems with the pronouns.
  • It is also difficult for him to use some essential gestures.
  • It is also hard for him to recognize the jokes.

Types of autism

There are some social, behavioural and social challenges are included in the autism spectrum disorder. On the basis of these social, behavioural and social challenges, there are various types of autism. Some of them are explained below;

  • The first type is known as Asperger’s syndrome. In this essential type of autism, some intelligent and sharp people face lots of problems to discuss their interesting topics fluently. As a result, they have to face harder social time.
  • The second type is known as pervasive development disorder. It is more severe than Asperger’s syndrome.
  • Thirdly, there comes childhood disintegrative disorder. This is known as one of the rarest and severe parts of the spectrum. Due to this type of autism, most of the children develop quickly but during the age of 2 and 4, they lose lots of social, mental and language skills.

Causes and risk factors of autism

Most of the people think that the main causes of autism are the vaccines. According to researches, there is no link between vaccines and autism. Some essential causes of autism are explained below;

  • If there is an advanced age of the mother or father, there is a possibility that their children will face autism issues.
  • If a pregnant woman exposes some drugs, there is also a possibility of autism in her child.
  • It is also observed that there is a link of autism with the untreated phenylketonuria.
  • If there are some changes in certain genes in a family, there is also a possibility that their children will face autism issues.
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