Use References in Coursework

Why You Need to Use Proper References in Coursework

To create the content for the coursework, you will have to copy information partially or completely from a resource. This resource can be a journal article, a textbook or a website. After using the idea from a resource, you will have to cite this resource. When you will cite this resource, you will make it clear for the readers that from where you have gathered these ideas. You will have to provide references to these resources in all the cases. It means that either you are going to paraphrase, summarize or quote the data from other resources; you will have to use references to these resources. This is known as one of the most important practices in the coursework. Most of the students don’t know how to reference these resources. They should follow university or college guidelines or hire a coursework writing service for the referencing of these resources.

Kind Of Information That Students Need To Reference:

Most of the students think that they should provide the references of just printed books. They should know that they have to provide references for all the resources from where they have taken the words, ideas or information. You should provide references if you are using words or ideas of the following resources;

  • Books
  • Journal articles
  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Documentaries
  • Online discussion forums
  • Personal interviews
  • Lectures or tutorials
  • Television programs
  • Electronic resources like websites

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Why Students Need Proper References In The Coursework?

Most of the students believe that they will have to use references in their coursework to avoid plagiarism issues. It is only one benefit of using references in the coursework. Along with this benefit, there are some other benefits of using references in the coursework. These benefits are given below;

  • Plagiarism:

Plagiarism is one of the major issues in your coursework. Sometimes, students use plagiarized content intentionally. If they are using plagiarized content intentionally, they are expecting bad reviews from the advisors. On the other hand, some students use plagiarized content unintentionally. If their coursework is rejected due to this kind of plagiarized content, they will have to face stress issues. While writing the coursework, we will have to use the ideas, thoughts and information from other resources. If we fail to provide the references to all the resources in the coursework, we will have to face the problem of unintentional plagiarism. Therefore, if we want to save our coursework from this kind of problem, we will have to use references properly.

  • Credit:

When you will study a specific academic discipline, you will know that the work of a specific person is based on the work of the other members of the field. Therefore, you should not feel shame to provide credit to the people whom ideas you are using in your coursework. Its reason is that the ideas of these people have provided a solid foundation to conclude your coursework. It will also show the readers that your research is the result of academic progress. It is also the best way to acknowledge the earlier research. You can also acknowledge the contribution of other people in your subject area with the help of references.

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  • Evidence:

While writing the coursework, you will have to develop claims in the form of a thesis statement. After developing these claims, you will have to provide evidence in the support of these claims. If you will fail to provide proper evidence in the support of your claims, your coursework will not be interesting for the readers. To provide the proper evidence in the support of your claims, you will have to read the material from various resources. If you are using the evidence from authentic resources, the evidence will provide a solid foundation for your claims. When you will provide references to these resources, the content of your coursework will be authentic for the readers.

  • Persuasion:

If you want to make your coursework interesting for the readers, you should make sure that the content of your coursework should be persuasive for the readers. To make it persuasive for the readers, you will have to make proper use of the references section. If you have provided the references of various resources in the references section of the coursework, it will provide an idea to the readers that you have created content for your coursework after conducting in-depth research. Moreover, it will also show the readers that you have a solid grasp on the topic in the hand.

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