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Sexual Harassment on Planes: The Case of Canadian Journalist Joanna Chiu

Coercion of a sexual nature is known as sexual harassment. Sexual harassment is also known as bullying. The promise of some inappropriate rewards as an exchange of some sexual favours is known as sexual harassment. Sexual harassment can occur in various forms of social settings like workplace, school and home etc. Mainly the victims of the sexual harassment are the genders. In modern legal contexts, sexual harassment is considered as illegal. Here, experts of academic writing services will discuss sexual harassment on planes by discussing the case of Canadian journalist Joana Chiu.

The Canadian journalist Joana Chiu viewed a sexual harassment incident on a plane and he spoke out on her Twitter account about this sexual harassment incident. After her tweet, lots of people have also posted similar stories. In her tweet, Joana wrote that there was a man sitting behind her seat. He was in his late 30s. There was also a teenager who was separated from her family. The man was seated next to the teenager. The teenager girl was very friendly and in order to get familiarity with her, this man gave her a welcome cue.

After giving the welcome cue, he started to tease her. He was insisting her that he wanted to take her out for a treat. The teenager girl was ignoring his offer. After that, the man had asked her to lean in and he also asked her for a dirty photo. Joana wrote that I turned around and tried to support this innocent girl. After that flight attendants came into action and they removed the man from this seat to another seat. There was another woman in the plane and this woman handled this awkward situation efficiently.

harassmentThe Canadian journalist had not mentioned the name of the airline. In her another tweet, she had explained that she can’t tell the name of this airline because journalists handle the awkward situations carefully rather than making endorsements. She has told that this was a Canadian airline and she has also appreciated this Canadian airline. Its reason was that airline attendants immediately showed a reaction and they had handled the situation in an efficient way. After resolving the dispute, they have also given a card to me and to the teenager girl. She has also shared the photos of those cards on her Twitter account.

As we have discussed earlier that lots of other people have also shared similar stories. One of them has explained that when she was travelling alone the first time on the plane, I was also harassed by a man. He spoke with me in such a way that I was feeling myself adult and important. He had shared many details of his travelling with me. While sharing details of travelling, he had kissed me without my consent. In meanwhile, Joy Castro has also tweeted that she has also faced similar sexual harassment situations while travelling alone in a plane.

There should be some hard and strict rules to save women from sexual harassment in the planes. Everybody should try to support the women who are sexually harassed in the planes.

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